A luv story…

When Tracy Goodson-Mackay gave birth to her first child in 2005, she also had a brain-child: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people sent healthy meals as a gift to new parents instead of flowers?

Shortly after, Tracy founded Mamaluv Enterprises and launched mamaluv.com – a website allowing people to send friends & loved-ones healthy meals & a helping hand from anywhere in the world.

What started as a useful gift idea for new parents evolved into a thoughtful and helpful gift for many other occasions: get-well-soon, housewarming, needy seniors, busy families, sympathy – or, simply because.

With mamaluv.com’s growth and success, Tracy soon realised that healthy meals was just the beginning! Customers would say: “I want to do more, but I’m not sure what else they need?” That’s when it hit her: “Let’s let the recipient decide!

With the launch of giveluvgiftcards.com, customers can now visit a one-stop online gift shop featuring a variety of everyday services with a common goal: To make life easier!

While the company’s head office is in Montreal, Quebec, the GiveLuv Gift Cards network stretches across Canada – and soon hopefully, around the world!

Winner of Montreal’s
Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge
2008 (Commerce)