Condolences Gift Registry

A Comforting Condolences Registry

Our online Condolences Registry makes it easy for family and friends to contribute towards the ideal sympathy gift: GiveLuv Gift Cards – the only gift registry redeemable for helpful services to make life easier during this difficult time.

Peace of Mind: Priceless!

The last thing someone who is grieving needs to worry about is everyday chores:

  • How will I prepare meals?
  • How will I shop for groceries?
  • How will I clean the house?
  • When do I get to relax?

GiveLuv Gift Cards help with all! And make a thoughtful sympathy gift to send your condolences & lend a helping hand – from across the street or around the world!

Unique. Thoughtful. Flexible.

If someone you know is mourning the death of a husband, wife, parent or child, a GiveLuv Condolences Registry lets them select the service(s) they need to help lighten the load.

Better yet, the Condolences Registry can be enjoyed for multiple services for maximum enjoyment. That’s the beauty of GiveLuv Gift Cards!

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No processing fees! No usage fees! No taxes!

Unlike prepaid credit cards or other gift-card services who charge hefty transaction fees, GiveLuv Gift Cards has zero fees! The amount you give is what you pay & the recipient can enjoy.

Shop online 24/7 and send a personalized greeting card anywhere in Canada: Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (Halifax), Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa), PEI, Quebec (Montreal), Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon).


GiveLuv Gift Cards can be redeemed for :