Unique Corporate Gifts That Set You Apart!

Unique Corporate Gifts That Set You Apart!

A GiveLuv Gift Cards Corporate Gift can help you:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Thank existing customers
  • Increase loyalty & repeat business

Happy @Home. Happy @Work.

With a hectic work schedule, many clients don’t have time to take care of everyday household chores – or, take care of themselves!

  • When will I cook dinner?
  • When will I shop for groceries?
  • When will I clean the house?
  • When will I walk the dog?
  • When do I get to relax?

Thoughtful & Flexible.

A GiveLuv Corporate Gift makes a unique Corporate Gift that will leave your clients feeling valued & appreciated! It allows a time-pressed client to select the gift service(s) they need to help lighten their load.

Better yet, one gift card can be enjoyed for multiple services for maximum enjoyment. That’s the beauty of GiveLuv Gift Cards!

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No fees! No taxes!

Unlike prepaid credit cards or other gift-card services who charge hefty transaction fees, GiveLuv Gift Cards has zero fees! The amount you give is what you pay & the recipient can enjoy.

Shop online 24/7 and send a personalized greeting card anywhere in Canada: Alberta (Calgary, Edmonton), British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia (Halifax), Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa), PEI, Quebec (Montreal), Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon).

GiveLuv Gift Cards can be redeemed for :