1st time redeeming a gift card? Follow Steps #1-3. Already claimed a gift card? First login, then redeem.



Click “Redeem a Gift Card” & enter
your 7-digit gift code.

Your unique GiveLuv gift code may be found
in the body of your e-Card or inside
your printed gift card.

Next, you must either login or
create an account.


Browse merchants & services. Once you’ve decided, simply click “Select this Service” at the bottom of that merchant’s page.

Enter the amount to redeem. You may apply the entire gift amount with one merchant, or divide it among multiple merchants for use as needed.

Any questions? Please contact us.


Check your email (& Spam)
for your order confirmation.

Then, simply contact the merchant
& quote your new customer code to
apply the amount of your voucher.

To use another gift card,
simply repeat these steps.