Cloth Diaper Laundry & Delivery

1 ton of throw-away diapers is a big weight to carry for someone under 3! We now know that the first disposable ever used is still out there. Reduce and reuse is a great mantra, but the idea of washing diapers while caring for a newborn can seem daunting.

Ease your eco-conscience without sacrificing on cost or convenience & offer baby a more natural option. BabyAuric is a cloth diaper service. They provide soft, breathable, organic cotton diapers for babies of all sizes; these are laundered with a hospital grade process and delivered to your home on a weekly basis, all for a set weekly fee.

Get started with a helpful home visit & all-inclusive start-up kit, and then take advantage of BabyAuric’s continued customer support & full range of locally sourced natural baby products.


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